Our Brand

We are a brand whose name bears an ancient meaning. Amen promotes a concept of faith, encapsulated in jewellery and united with the value of beauty. The goal is Love in all of its nuances.

Our Word

Sometimes, to be understood, one word is enough: Amen, value recognized the world over. A metaphor expressing certainty, truth, reassurance. Not only faith in the strictest sense, but also faith as an attitude towards life. And so be it.

Our Story

There comes an instant in life when, in the face of wonder, we are left without explanations. When mystery and emotion take over, we just have to believe. This is where Amen comes to life as more than simply a brand. But a concept nourished by faith and beauty. A jewellery line that expresses a concept of universal love, because the things in life that really deserve to be experienced need no explanation.

In the Name of Love

Every form of love is born by chance and continues by choice. Every day we choose who we want to be, where we want to go, the feelings we want to experience. Choosing Amen means willfully choosing to express oneself.